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Don't wash your chicken


Your grandmother may have told you to wash your chicken before you cook it, but it doesn't mean it's a good idea. Surveys suggest up to 60 per cent of Australians wash their chickens.

And food safety experts want us all to ignore Nana on this one.

Belinda Davies, senior public health lecturer from Queensland University of Technology, says you can spread germs to many parts of the kitchen when you wash chicken or poultry.

"Many people wash chicken and other poultry, but doing that increases the risk of spreading salmonella and other bacteria as contaminated water splashes onto benches and into sinks that are later used to wash ready-to-eat foods like salad vegetables," she says.

As well, your hands are likely to be contaminated after you've finished cleaning off your poultry, so when you touch door handles, tea towels, kitchen utensils or other surfaces, you can accidentally spread bacteria around the kitchen.

"We should just cook poultry straight away. Any bacteria on the surface of the meat will be killed during cooking. We should then wash utensils and cutting boards that have had raw poultry on them in the dishwasher or wash them in very hot water," Davies says.

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