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1.Cancer Risk

A new study from Sweden suggests decades of cell phone use can triple your chances for brain cancer.


2. Hindering Sleep
Cell phones might even be hazardous to our sleep, with the latest evidence suggesting that individuals with smartphones in the bedroom sleep less each night. [4] In addition, microwave radiation from cell phones is much riskier for kids than originally thought.

3. Disease Carriers
Let’s be honest, how often do you clean your cell phone? It’s not really something we think about, but a recent study noted cell phones could be as dirty as public toilet seats, and that the heat phones generate makes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

4. Do Cell Phones Promote Social and Psychological Issues?
With the average young adult sending about 109 text messages and checking their phone a little over 60 times per day, the fear here is that this type of behavior could lead to potentially dangerous addictions.

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