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4 habits to protect you against the flu

1. Sanitise your office space

Cold and flu viruses easily spread from person to person, as well as making their way onto surfaces we regularly touch. These surfaces include doorknobs, kitchen appliances and office equipment like telephones, mice, computer keyboards and desks.

2. Wash your hands
Hand-washing is the simplest way to prevent infection or illness as your hands constantly come into contact with other people and unhygienic surfaces. Those germs are quickly transferred to your mouth, eyes, and nose.

3. Make time to de-stress
Stress can increase your chances of getting sick. If you are stressed all the time, your nervous system stays aroused and keeps on releasing stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, which can affect your immunity.

4. Stay warm
Your chances of catching a cold drop when you stay warm. Research has shown that when infected cells with the cold virus were exposed to a healthy core body temperature, the virus died off more quickly and was unable to replicate itself in the body and spread.

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