When should you brush your teeth?
If you’re consuming food or drink that it very acidic (Orange juice, I’m looking at you), it’s important to wait at least 30 minutes before you brush your teeth to avoid damaging the teeth’s enamel.
Why would there be seaweed in my toothpaste?
Do you know what helps to give toothpaste its consistency? Although it sounds unbelievable, the answer is often seaweed!
Who invented toothpaste?
The first recipe for toothpaste was found in archeological research of ancient Egypt. In 5000 BC, before the invention of the toothbrush (which occurred sometime during the years 3000 and 35000 BC).
When was modern toothpaste developed?
The first commercially available toothpaste was created by Crest and was sold in a jar in 1850.
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