1. Mixing Drugs and AlcoholCough and cold preparations with antihistamines shouldn't be mixed with alcohol because they will amplify the sedative effects, Grissinger says. This warning applies to the use of narcotic pain medications, too.

2. Leaving the Doctor's Office Without Enough Information”Ask for written instructions,” says Jenkins. “At the doctor's office, people only remember about a third of what the doctors tells them,” he says, citing several studies.

3. Using Multiple Pharmacies”If you go to multiple pharmacies, they can't screen for drug interactions,” Grissinger says, because they won't have a complete list of all the medications you are on, as a single pharmacy is likely to keep in its computer.

Peermed Healthcare Centres come with in-house pharmacists who are there to not only give medication but to educate you on the medication you are taking.

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