1 Dr. Google doesn’t know you. Can’t see you, can’t hear your story, can’t smell you, and can’t touch you. It doesn’t have intuition or gut feelings about you.

2. The Internet breeds cyberchondria in some and false reassurance in others. The more complex the problem, the more likely your self-diagnosis is wrong.

3. Dr. Google is wrong 59 percent of the time.

4. The Internet can’t listen, so keep the lines of communication between you and your doctor open.

5. You are two clicks away from garbage medical advice and junk science. Who is behind the “expert” Internet advice? Being a celebrity does not make you a medical expert. Would you take acting lessons from me? No, then why would you take medical advice from bloggers who are not doctors?


to meet real doctors who understand real people like you.


info ref: kevinmd, img ref: pic digital