1.Hearing aids are not just for the elderly

About 466 million people across the world suffer from disabling hearing loss – 34 million of these are children. It’s estimated that by 2050 more than 900 million people will be affected by disabling hearing loss.

2. Hearing aids can adjust automatically to surrounding noise
Technological advancements have made them versatile in all sound environments such that the can adjust yo surrounding noise automatically.

3. Hearing aids will not cure your hearing loss
A hearing aid will not return your hearing to normal. And while a hearing aid won't cure your hearing loss, it will help you to hear conversations, the TV or the radio.

4.You may need to wear two hearing aids even if you only experience hearing loss in one ear.
You use both ears to hear, which means wearing two hearing aids may improve your hearing even more. According to the American Speech, Language, Hearing Association, wearing two hearings aids “lets you figure out where sounds come from. This is called localisation.

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News info ref: health24