1. Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists are not the same thing. 

Anyone can be a Nutritionist, but to be a registered Dietitian, you need to study at a University.

2. They eat unhealthy food too.
Some dietitians admit that they do enjoy junk food once in a while, but they also believe that everything must be done moderately.

3. Not all Dietitians cook.
The field of Dietetics is much larger than just healthy food. There are clinical Dietitians that work with patients with Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, bariatric surgery, and much more.

4. Dietitians struggle with weight and food issues.
Not every Dietitian runs 5 miles a day and has a perfect body. Although they are taught how to counsel people for weight loss, it’s not always easy to practice what they preach.

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