·         Always pay for snacks in cash if you're trying to eat healthily.
·         Before a credit card purchase, imagine getting that amount of money out of the ATM.
·         If your headache is really bad, buy the more expensive branded pain relief.
·         Choose an expensive all-you-can-eat buffet rather than a cheap one.
·         Open a savings account at the other end of the country (the money will feel further away).
·         If you're spending for happiness, buy experiences rather than material goods.
·         If you want to treat yourself, buy something memorable.
·         Don't do a wine course, if you learn too much about wine you'll start caring about what you drink.
·         Think carefully about insurance. Are you insuring against regret or because you can't afford to pay in case the worst happens?
·         Think carefully about a better paid promotion, if it means less enjoyable work.