DNA/Paternity Test

Price is R 1500.00 per person

Our paternity test is an easy fast way to determine whether an alleged father is the biological father
of the child or to determine relationships of a child.
Whether you require a relationship test for Legal purposes or immigration, the results are accurate
and admissible to any authority.

These are the required documents needed to do a DNA test:
1. 2. Certified copy of alleged fathers ID,
2. Certified copy of child’s birth certificate or clinical card (if child is below the age of 18),
a. ALTERNATIVELY, certified copy of ID (if child is above the age of 18).
3. Certified copy of mothers ID (if child is below age of 18),
4. Police affidavit (stating briefly why patients want to do the DNA),
5. DNA consent form.
6. Certified copies must NOT be older than 3 months

Please contact us for any other specialised relationship testing that you may require.