Peermed health clinic
  • Peermed family health clinic
  • Ultrasound and 4D scan, Optometrist and x-ray
  • Dispensing doctors (general practitioners) and dentists
  • Physiotherapist and dispensary pharmacy
Welcome to Peermed Family Health Clinic


Before visiting your doctor, ensure that you do your homework regarding the following:

- Requirements regarding mask wearing by staff and visitors

- Cleaning protocols and sanitizing measures for exam rooms, waiting
areas, restrooms, elevators and other frequently touched surfaces.

- Social distancing practices at check-in, in waiting areas and in exam rooms.

- Limits on the number of people who can be in the clinic at the same time.

- Screening questions and temperature checks for staff and visitors at all entrances

- How doctors and other staff are using personal protective equipment (PPE).



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