Peermed health clinic
  • Peermed family health clinic
  • Ultrasound and 4D scan, Optometrist and x-ray
  • Dispensing doctors (general practitioners) and dentists
  • Physiotherapist and dispensary pharmacy
Welcome to Peermed Family Health Clinic


PHYSIOTHERAPY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU THINK: 1. It Treats Many More Conditions Than You Think Physiotherapy is used to manage chronic pain, back pain and asthma, and it can help to prepare for childbirth. It can also manage obesity and treat vertigo. 2. Physiotherapy Was Established in Canada After World War 1 Physiotherapy was established in Canada to treat thousands of soldiers in World War 1. In fact, physiotherapy was often the first course of treatment. 3. Physiotherapists Hold Advanced Degrees Physiotherapists have a lot of education under their belts, much more than you likely realize. On top of a four-year bachelor’s degree, physiotherapists also receive further training in their field via a post-graduate degree, adding an additional two years of study. Peermed has Physiotherapists ready to assist

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